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PreVAiL, which stands for Preventing Violence Across the Lifespan, was an international research collaboration of over 60 researchers and partners from Canada, the US, the UK, Asia, Europe and Australia, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute for Gender and Health (2009-2017) and by the Public Health Agency of Canada (2017-2019).

April 2019 saw the conclusion of PreVAiL’s funding. This site will be sustained through 2019 to allow ongoing access to key PreVAiL documents and links. Thank you for visiting, and for your interest in preventing violence across the lifespan.

To view a summary of our Final Report, click here: PreVAiL Canada Final Summary.

Our goal was to bring together researchers and decision-maker partners to produce and share knowledge that will help children, women and men exposed to child maltreatment and intimate partner violence (IPV).

PreVAiL had three main objectives:

  1. to increase knowledge about the links between mental health impairment, gender and exposure to child maltreatment and IPV, both in Canada and internationally;
  2. to develop interventions to prevent or reduce child maltreatment, IPV and related mental health problems; and
  3. to develop and use proven methods of knowledge translation and exchange to ensure that our research findings reach those who make decisions in these areas; a specific focus since 2017 has been supporting Canadian public policy development through focused knowledge mobilization.

PreVAiL was organized according to three theme areas:

  • Theme 1 – Gender, Mental Health and Violence Network
  • Theme 2 – Understanding and Fostering Resilient Mental Health Outcomes in the Context of Violence across the Lifespan
  • Theme 3 – Innovations in Knowledge Translation & Exchange Strategies and Research Methods Specific to Mental Health, Gender and Violence across the Lifespan