PreVAiL members lead replications of online safety planning aids for women experiencing DV

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Marilyn Ford-Gilboe leads a team including PreVAiL members Colleen Varcoe (co-PI), Harriet MacMillan and Nadine Wathen (co-Is) on a CIHR-funded grant entitled “Effectiveness of an internet-based decision aid in enhancing safety behaviours, reducing exposure to violence and improving mental health among women experiencing intimate partner violence” ($1,250,000, 2012-2017). The project presents an opportunity for international comparisons, since the online decision aid, which has been adapted to the Canadian context, was developed and tested by Nancy Glass in the US and is being replicated by Jane Koziol-McLain in New Zealand. Kelsey Hegarty has been funded for an Australian implementation study of an aid adapted for that country. Full recruitment in the Canadian RCT  – – was achieved; follow-up will continue until December 2016. The project was presented, by invitation, at the Knowledge Mobilization Speaker’s Series held by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Author: Blue, Becky

Staff, 2011 Winter