Preventing child maltreatment: CIHR Foundation grant

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Tracie Afifi leads a team including Harriet MacMillan, Michael Boyle, Jitender Sareen and other PreVAiL members that has been awarded a CIHR Foundation grant entitled “Preventing child maltreatment: Changing a child’s trajectory, improving health, and strengthening families” (2015-2020, $883,854). It will explore the gap between understanding the harms related to child maltreatment and effective prevention strategies to change abused children’s trajectories, improve health, and strengthen families. Objectives are to:

1) understand the size and scope of child maltreatment within a Canadian context and how it relates to health and health services;

2) identify protective factors associated with a decreased likelihood of child maltreatment and increased likelihood of improved health outcomes following child maltreatment;

3) apply this new knowledge to develop a new evidence-based intervention strategy or to modify an existing program; and

4) begin to evaluate this newly developed or modified intervention strategy to determine effectiveness in preventing child maltreatment and its associated mental and physical health impairment.

Author: Blue, Becky

Staff, 2011 Winter