Things We’ve Done

As a network, our main goal is to bring people together and facilitate developing and testing promising interventions to prevent violence, then ensuring that new knowledge is mobilized to those who make decisions in these areas. The following activities describe our overall process.

  • Set policy- and practice- relevant research priorities, based on known gaps in knowledge, for reducing child maltreatment and intimate partner violence and for improving mental health.
  • Identify promising interventions that address these priorities.
  • Investigate what we know about the causes and consequences of violence and related mental health outcomes and generate new research ideas through secondary analyses of existing data.
  • Map out the theoretical components of possible interventions (services, treatments, programs, etc.).
  • Establish key scientific principles to be applied in evaluation of these promising interventions.
  • Form subgroups within the Network to apply for funding for priority projects identified through the above processes.
  • Develop approaches to recruit new and emerging investigators, providing opportunities for collaboration and mentorship.
  • Make violence a priority in other arenas; e.g., national health surveys.
  • Ensure that new knowledge is shared with those who need to use it to make practice and policy decisions.

Also see our progress reports (pdfs) and Resources page.